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IFG (Irresistible Free Gifts)

Challenge for Adults: Come take a week of classes on us!

What do you have to lose?? What are you afraid of?? No Experience necessary!! Move and groove and not even realize your body is toning, strengthening and enjoying what you are doing! Exercise doesn't need to be boring! Before you know it you are finished with the class and your muscles are letting you know they are there!

Click the contact button below, or call/text (919-763-5738 for the details!!

You will be glad you did!! This is an hour of "you" time!!


What to wear?

Barre Class: Leggings, tee shirt, socks (grippy socks if possible) or Ballet Slippers

Adult Jazz Class/Senior Movement Class: Leggings, tee shirt, socks (grippy socks if possible), Ballet Slippers or Jazz shoes


Kids-Pink/Purple/Black leotard, pink tights and ballet slippers (skirt optional). 

Adults-Comfortable Tee Shirt/leggings and pink ballet slippers. 

Hair up if long and please no jewelry. Please put initials on kids dance 


Trial Classes: Wear comfortable clothing (leggings/tee shirt) and socks/ballet slippers/jazz shoes (for appropriate class)

Princess Birthday Parties the Fun way!

Children through Adults are never too old to have a Bada Bling Birthday Party! 

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