A Little Background . . . to Discover It's All About You


Legend has it that Stacie Moor was born with ballet slippers on her feet and a passion for dance in her soul. From an early age, Stacie was captivated with the grace of ballet. Ballet is for anyone and everyone who ever wanted to create, laugh, bond, challenge their limits, or enrich their lives in a brand new intimate and fun non-gym facility. 

Stacie's personal joy? Watching her students (4 yrs old to Senior Adults) bloom with confidence and see their pride/amazement in how much they've accomplished by having fun!

My Mission/Vision

This is a family oriented studio designed to nurture children through Senior Adults to have fun and look forward to coming each week to make friends (at all ages), improve self expression, self confidence, memorization, quick thinking plus increasing strength, flexibility and balance all in a non-gym environment!

You will improve quickly, without realizing it to understand you can do the movements at any level and feel a sense of soaring accomplishment!

Want An Unbelievable Transformation?


Bada Bling Ballet

146 Windham Way, Clayton NC 27527 919-763-5738